Monday, 9 September 2013

Luke&Ginique |Tradepost wedding

Luke&Ginique got married at Tradepost in Irene. Better known as Railways. Such a cool and creative venue!You have to be a absolute rock star to appreciate this funky little place. Luke plays in a band, The Centrefolds- go check them out - - so the whole Tradepost vibe was right up their alley. I was really looking foward to their reception music because I knew it would be different. Nothing cheesy and commercial but soulful and perfect. There was an awesome old school band, Genevieve  playing during the main course and made the whole atmosphere just perfect. Ginique looked absolutely beautiful. Her dress was stunning but she was one of those rare brides who did not just wear a pretty dress but she made the dress pretty.  She was such an gracious bride. Loved the black nail polish! What a great honour to be part of these 2 love birds unique Stroopsoet memories.