Saturday, 27 July 2013

Stefan&Fione | Imperfect Perfection

If there is one wedding I can shoot every saturday it will be this one! This is soooo me and I related with all Fione&Stefan's ideas. Fione is extremely creative and made sure everything was different like the way they are. I had flu whilst shooting this wedding, my mother had swine flu at the same time I was sick. It was the sickest I have ever been. During the ceremony I had to call Swart kat too take over because I could not stand on my feet anymore.  Despite the flu I enjoyed every moment, I never wished this special day away. Fione wrote a song and one of her friends (Who has an incredible voice) sang the song while they danced on it. The whole reception was so quite and you could feel their love for each other during that moment. That was my favourite moment of their wedding.